A Possible Evolution  

From 2004, until the present, our eyes could see how the potential of many children, who have came to us, was actualised. Before 2004, in Romania the recovery of children with autism seemed a miracle out of fairy tales. Through implementing the comportamental intervention ABA, the “Horia Motoi” Centre brought in Romania a method showing that results exists, that autism is not just a closed door.

The fast evolution given by ABA applied with Radu Nedescu created new expectations and hopes for the parents choosing the “Horia Motoi” Centre. Throughout many years of experience, it was showed to us that evolution is possible in any case, but there is no guarantee of full recovery for every child. We do what we can the best, focusing on rigour. We are looking at new modalities of extracting what is the best from the child. For this reason, besides ABA therapy, we recently implemented (2019) also the ESDM therapy, excelent for younglings (between 18 months and 4 years.

The target that we are interested in is that of social integration, integration of knowledge and aptitudes for autonomic functioning. Getting to this depends on many variables: the age at which we start the intervention (the sooner the better), the grade of the pervasive development disorder, consistency in intervention, the continuance of intervention, the involvement of the team and the parents.

Since our start, being the first centre for autism from Romania, we were deeply happy every time a child joins the “"Horia Motoi" Centre graduated group”. This is how we name the children that successfully integrate in kindergartens and normal schools. As any success, we celebrate it accordingly, with cakes, music, joy. The first graduate was in 2009, when he entered the first grade. Integration at school can be done also step by step, being helped by by a tutor, at the beggining, later on one’s own. 

În the present, 2021, we have 21 children enrolled in our programs. 

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