Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)  - Intensiv Program

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Who participates?

The coordinator, supervisor, therapist, and the family during the initial evaluation. Family participates daily through implementing therapy at home.

Why ABA and how does it work?

„Applied Behaviour Analysis” is considered one of the most efficent  methods of intervention in ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

ABA Therapy functions by encouraging the behaviours benefic to the childs development, offering him/her the power to face up social interactions and daily situations.

Unhealthy behaviours are transformed in new behaviours which can help the child. Changing behaviour is doen through games, repetition, rewards ( strengthening a behaviour through encouragement and motivation), and integrating learned abilities from as many contexts as possible (generalisation). Teaching the child is done through applying several programs from the therapy ABA. 

In what environment is ABA done?

This type of intervention implies one on one work of the child with the therapist. For generalising the knowledge, we often organise collective and in the city activities. This way, the children have the chance to extend the abilities that they learnt in as diverse as possible circumstances and to confront with unforeseeable social situations. The children with a positive evolution are helped to integrate in normal kindergartens. There they go for a few hours per week, with a therapists.

Who, What is he/she doing?  e

The coordinator is the one that implements the needed programs for each behavior, the supervisor is the one who monitors the activity of the therapists and the therapists apply the programs and interventions.

How long does it last?

The children spend 2-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, in therapy. The number of therapy hours is established by the coordinator together with the parents depending on the child's need.

How is the child evaluated?

The evaluation of the abilities repeats periodically at 3 – 4 or 6 months depending on the child's age. This evaluation tracks the child's progress and establishes new goals for the following period. These new goals become our aim in the next period.

Free First Meeting  – 1 h

Who Participates?

At the meeting the participants are the parents, children, and the representatives of the “Horia Motoi” Centre. 

What Happens?

At the meeting, the coordonator, through direct observation and play will follow the childs abilities in relation to his age, but will also take into account the possible developmental delays and unproved abilities. 

Also the parents will be asked about the daily routine of the child,  the abilities expressed by the child, and  the childs preferences. 

We will answer to all the questions or unclearities 
the parents will have. 

The aim of this meeting is to respond to the parent’s questions, but also to directly observe the child’s manner of play and interact with other people. 

Conclusions after the meeting:

At the end of the meeting the parents will know wether thier child has to enter, or not, in an intervention program.  Also, it will be presented to them the plan of the early intervention program. 


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