Redirecționare 20% din venit

At the end of each year, 20% of the profit tax gets to the government. You can redirect it to an NGO, without further cost. If you want to support a cause, this is what you should know.

Why redirect 20%?

Because it is the easiest way to support an organization or a cause in which you believe. You can act nobly, socially responsible, without further cost implications.

How much does it cost to redirect 20%? Nothing

At the end of each year, 20% of your profit imposit is recieved by the state. You can redirect this money such that they can be given to any ONG, not the state, without supplimentary costs. If you want to support a cause, this is what you need to know.   

How can a company redirect 20% from their profit imposit?

The redirecting method is very simple. The company calculates the sum representing 20% of the profit tax and then fills up a sponsorship agreement with the NGO that it wishes to support, and the payments are deductible.

This type of sponsorship does not include any other further expenses and does not affect the net profit of the company. The sponsorship is completely deductible from the tax money if it stays in the limit imposed by the fiscal code. 

What does redirecting 20% from the profit imposit mean?

The sum of money that is being redirected cannot be bigger than 3 to 1000 of the fiscal value, and the payment must be made up to December 31st so that the sum can be withdrawn from the profit tax money of the respective fiscal year.

What data and documents do I need for completion of 230 statement?

You can download 230 statement here.

Here, you only need to complete the first paragraph (DATE DE IDENTIFICARE A CONTRIBUABILULUI) and to sign the paper. The paper is signed in the Semnătura Contribuabil field. The data of the Association is pre-written.

There is no need to know the exact sum you can sent through this declaration since it will be automatically calculated by the Financial Administration.

Where do I submit the 230 declaration?

If it is comfortably for you, you can send them to our center, at Str. Alex. Papiu Ilarian, nr 15, ground floor, interphone 1, district 3, Bucharest and we will gladly receive them. If you want to submit them yourself, you can do that by post at the Financial Administration that you are represented by according to your residency.

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