"Horia Moțoi” Association  Hires and Formes Comportamental Therapists

We seek a person with or without experience, warm, creative, childish, and energic.

Why to work with us?

  • • We have 17 years of experience in ABA therapy applied to children with autism.

  • • We have 17 years of experience in forming therapists and coordinators in ABA therapy. 

    • • Young team, happy and engaging environmnet, with many toys.

    • • You have the possibility to learn from specialists and to become a coordinator yourslef.

    • • To win money working with children în a pleasant and attractive environment. 

    • • The salary increased depending on the experience. 

    • • To benefit from continous superivising and feedback.

What we offer:

• Obligatory and FREE formation

•A training process divied in work modules. Each module has three phases: theory, roleplay, and practice.

• A daily information about your performance during the training though audio recording, video analysis, and graphic representations of the results.

• A gradual retreat of the supervising such that the learned abilities are kept. 

• Hiring with Individual working contract (advantages: payed holiday and health insurance)

• Medical Insurance at a private clinic

What are the hiring conditions:

• Absolving or in the process of absolving the Psychology, Psychopedagoy faculty, or social assistance.

• To know enlighs

Other Details

If you like children, if you like to play and are motivated to learn, we are the perfect place for you. 

The working scheduel of our centre from Bucharest is of 4-6 hours/day.

For the start, please sent us your CV to:




Every deed matters!

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Adress: Strada Papiu Ilarian nr. 15, interphone 01, Sector 3, București
Phone: 0722.402.288 
E-mail: office@centrul-horiamotoi.ro

Program: Monday-Friday: 10:00 - 18:00
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