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Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) is a method of intervention for children, smaller than 4 years old, with autism and developmental delays

ESDM is based on the principles and procedures combined from several interventionsi: Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT)
și Denver Model.

The intervention takes place during the childs daily routine and play activities. These activities are built such that they include objectives from as many developmental areas occurring often as possible. For this reason, ESDM is considered a multi-model intervention. 

This intervention is based on the study of the early development of typical children.  

Research has shown that learning in a manner as natural as possible and in play contexts increases generalisation and accelerates the learning process due to the direct relation between the child’s answer and natural reward.

The biology of autism implied fundamental deficiencies regarding social motivation, due to the decreased sensitivity to the social reward of children with autism. These shortcomings represent an obstacle in developing normal preferences for surrounding social infromation, such as: voices, faces, gestures, and talking.  

The strategies used in ESDM are essential for increasing the interest for the social reward, and also for increasing the child’s motivation for social interaction.

Stage 1: Free First Meeting – 1 h

Who participates?

At the meeting parents, children, and the representatives of “Horia Motoi” Center will participate.  

What happens?

At the meeting, the coordonator, through direct observation and play will follow the childs abilities in relation to his age, but will also take into account the possible developmental delays and unproved abilities. 

Also the parents will be asked about the daily routine of the child,  the abilities expressed by the child, and  the childs preferences. 

We will answer to all the questions or unclearities 
the parents will have. 

The aim of this meeting is to respond to the parent’s questions, but also to directly observe the child’s manner of play and interact with other people. 

Conclusions after the meeting: 

At the end of the meeting the parents will know wether thier child has to enter, or not, in an intervention program. Also, it will be presented to them the plan of the early intervention program. 

Stage 2 :  Intensiv Week – 2hours/day

Daily, during this week, the coordinator and a therapist will meet intensively for two hours. It is obligatory that at least one parent of the child to participate to these meetings. 

The week starts with the evaluation of the child’s abilities through the Early Start Denver Model Curriculum Checklist evaluation tool. This tool is used for establishing the learning objectives during the intervention. The evaluation will take place through play to facilitate the interaction of the child with the adult. 

The evaluation is done by the coordinator, through trails, adding information obtained from the parents or other specialised persons in contact with the child. This is done for getting an image of the childs present abilities as accurate as possible from the development areas dealt with by ESDM: communication, social and adaptive behaviour, cognitivie abilities, play, gross motricity and subtle motricity. 

The curriculum is divided în 4 levels: each coresponding to a certain developmental age: 12-18 months; 18-24 months; 24-36 months; 36-48 months.

After each evaluation, the coordinator completes the tables and graphics.

Depending on the information obtained from the evaluation the coordinator establishes objectives for the Personalised Intervention Plan.

At the end of the week it will take place a session with the parents in which:

•the graphics and evaluation table are discussed. 

•the Intervention Plan is presented and discussed.

•other needs of the parents are discussed

Stage 3: The Therapy Proccess - 2 h/day 

The therapy process takes place as follows:

•2h daily with the therapist

•The coordinator enters weekly, with the therapist, for following: the evolution of the programs from the Intervention Plan, the manner of implementation, neccesary changes where is the case.

•The therapists are supervised and evaluated weekly regarding the manner of implementing the ESDM techniques and principles.

•The parent assists 1h a week at the therapists sessions and follows the manner of implementing the objectives from the Intervention Plan.

•Re-evaluation is done each three months. At the end of this period a new Intervention Plan is done (the re-evaluation can be done earlier when the child has learned over a half of the objectives from the Intervention Plan)



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