Interview with Urse Flavia Adelina — BCBA, Psihotherapist Coordinator in Short Term Therapy Oriented on Resources and Solutions

1. My Background 

I wished very much to study psychology. It is one of my passions, besides mountain trekking, reading, and continuous learning. At the moment, I am a psychotherapist in Short Oriental Therapies Focused on Resources and Solutions, and recently, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). I am the type of person that makes things happen. This is how I arrived at Horia Motoi, by writing an email and asking if I can work there — at the first center for children with autism in Romania — because of my wish to work as well as I can, and to be surrounded by people with whom I can grow professionally and personally. Working with children is so natural to me that It doesn’t feel like a job at all. 

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2.What does BCBA mean? Tell us some words about this acronym and its implications?

BCBA is the acronym for Board Certified Behavior Analyst, more precisely, one with such a certificate in applied behavioural analysis can work independently from a supervisor. A BCBA therapist can supervise BCaBA, and RBT, and offer comportamental analysis services by respecting the ethical, and quality standards established by the international board (The Behavior Analyst Certification Board). Practically, the BCBA supervises, trains the intervention team, and creates personalised working plans for each child with autism.

3. The Exam was Preceded by Some New Courses, No? Trainers, Sessions, Experiences, Duration. 

The admission requirements for obtaining this accreditation are: a master diploma in psychology, following for 2 years the courses held by Romanian, and international, trainers; passing both theoretical, and practical exams — followed by a final exam. Besides this, one is obliged to undergo many hours of supervising. Professionally, this course, and the journey, enriched both my knowledge, and my ability to patiently wait, and perform a sustained effort. I did all of this for obtaining the confirmation of the work done over the years. From my point of view, the course sustained by Clemson University offers the necessary information for practicing, and obtaining the certification. However, I believe that it tremendously helps you to have sufficient experience, before enrolling in the course, such that you can associate the concepts you have met during your training.

4. What Still Impacts You Today, After All This Experience? People, skills, etc.

This professional journey has brought me close to people recognised in the field, who inspired me through their work, and who were good practice examples for me. Besides this, I trained my patience: obtained knowledge, friendship, and the respect of those along whom I walked this path. Also, this was an essential step for obtaining a professional recognition not yet existing in our country. In Romania, there still is the struggle to create such a recognition through different organisations aimed at ensuring a professional standard. 

5. How was The Exam? Why was it Perceived as Difficult?

The exam itself is perceived as difficult because the information’s volume, and complexity, are big. Besides this: the questions follow practical examples, and, thus, the aplicative understanding level needs to be a very good one.

6. What Do You Advise One Wishing to Obtain a BCBA?

For those wishing to obtain the accreditation, I recommend them to hurry up since the opportunity will not last for long. If they do not succeed through BACB, they can confidently follow the courses offered by the University of Timișoara. What I aim to convey is that the passage through this very process (course, supervising) brings plus value to the work I do. Additionally, to arm themselves with patience, perseverance, and to always be passionate about what they do. Without all these joint together, one cannot fail to obtain the BACB.


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