The A.A.C.A.R. "Horia Motoi” History

Horia Motoi Centre, Association for the Aid of Children with Autism in Romania (AACAR) was established in 2004 by Cristina and Damian Nedescu, together with Vali Grigore.

At the time, in Romania there was no possibility of recovery for children with autism and no center to offer therapy services for them.

Radu, one of Nedescu family’s sons has been diagnosed with autism at the age of two.
”Everybody was saying there is nothing we can do.” Recalls Cristina, his mom. ”His manifestations are going to worsen, it will be harder and harder for you to face him. You’ll probably need to hospitalize him.”

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Until five years old, the world for Radu didn’t make sense. He found strength and fascination in running, yelling, repeated opening and closing of doors, the wheels of a toy car, walking on tip toes and hands flipping. Cristina and Damian asked and received support from a specialist of UK Young Autism Project, a center from Great Britain, which based their approach on science and specialized in education of children with autism, using ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis). With the help of Liz Shew, Radu had a smooth development and a quick cognitive progress supported by the consistency and determination of the therapy team and his parents.

Now Radu explains that for him, the world started to build up as he learnt things. He started to see it with every new image and new concept, with every new connection strengthened. They found their place in him starting from a dull, mechanic process, towards something alive, heredity, education and the surrounding environment opening up to the curiosity and cheer, to tenderness and his logic mind. All these molded him and today he can assume his mistakes, he can empathize easily and can pay attention towards the things he sees and listens. His development provoked his parents to ask themselves how it would be if this was available to more children.

 And so, Horia Motoi Centre came into being.

Today (2021( Radu Nedescu is a 22 years old teenager, and is doing his master in philosophy at KU Leuven, in Belgium. ”Finished, Never, Now” is his first poetry book sharing his vision of the world, that sinks one in questions enough for a lifetime.


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