We have decided to introduce ourselves through another form rather than a standard CV or through narration. We’re humans, preoccupied by taking care of our own worlds inside each of us, and profession is one of the trees in our deep forests that we have to take care of. This specific tree is quite liked by us, its roots are buried deep inside our existence, creating and giving light to performance. One can’t talk about one tree specifically, as each one is connected with one another. In out hearts, there are all sorts of flowers blooming, mystical forests, ferns that made us what we are now: united.

 The following texts reflect an impression, a stage in our evolution, immortalizing and putting it out there. Maybe it will be forgotten, but it will let a part of ourselves shine and be in the spotlight.

Cristina Nedescu

What keeps me going is hope. I like to test the limits, to see where to we can push them, how much we can get out of ourselves. Many of the limits are self imposed. We think we can’t do something but if we are put in the situation and still have the stamina to step over the threshold, most of times we find resources to do it. If only we could trust ourselves . . .

I like to trust. I see everything as a round circle and this wave that I can haul with myself I want to enlarge more and more. In this wave I saw yearning, hope, trust and many people. Once they’re in, an exchange between them and I comes up and I contain them in. I get a role. Let’s name it guiding. In this wave there is love. I think I got that from children. If you have the ground inside of you and the courage to not impose any judgement on its surface, when you see their regard and the love in it, you can openly be with them. Children give, no matter who you are. One you started to feel this and practice, there is a lot of joy.

Violeta Dobra

As a child, I liked playing, helping the people around me and discovering new things. Voices everywhere, people to call, schedules to change, information needed to be filled in...everything was constantly changing. I enjoy finding the roots of problems and solving them. Responsibility is what pushed me to start caring about others around me and what they were doing. As I grew up, the more I began to understand multiple things, and objects were gaining brand new colours. Shades appear out of nowhere and I realize the fact that I’m part of an organism. You could imagine that the Centre Horia Moțoi is a dragon that prepares children, from inside the castle, for life.

Although I like fairy tales and I’m surrounded by kids, I encounter the serious language of adults daily. I bustle through crowds, glad, and I can see how behind ‘conceptions’, there are people with their own problems that hide. We all deal with many different things that vary from each day. The sun walks along with all of us; beside a shadow, we have a ray of sunshine beaming. I can’t say that every moment is joyful, but when we are together, we form an amazing team.

Mihaela Iancu

I like a lot to work in teams and believe that we cannot do a lot alone. Often it happened to see better the whole only after I listed to the opinions of others, even if these drastically differ from mine.
The fact that your questions travel through alongside people who can inspire you, either if they know it or not, either if they are similar to you or not, is of great help. 
I will forever remain greatful to the children because they helped me accept more, to open more and to have more trust in life. When you are with them something brings you more in the present, and this is always difficult. I want to always keep the passion of learning something new 

Iana Sorina

Life is a continuous exchange of experience (at least that’s how I see it), a continuous exchange between me and everything around and especially between me and the others. Every experience lived together with someone, be it only for a day, gains you something, be it good or bad. This is not necessarily relevant, because all these experiences only enrich us as people. I believe that from every experience lived by somebody’s side there is something to learn.
I find much delight in differences, and when I say differences I refer especially to differences between people, to the fact that everyone of us is unique, has their own way of being, of thinking and of reacting. I like to see people around me as mirrors in which I reflect in different ways, each one perceiving me in a certain way, and this, I feel, enriches me. 

Urse Flavia Adelina

Childhood is a whole universe, a world of curiosity and petty dismays. I remember the childhood, when we played until late at night in the countryside and everything was simple and joyful. Childhood is a marvelous period and it’s evermore marvelous when you can come back to it with every child you interact with. I find the beauty of that time at the Centre and I can now see, from the perspective of somebody who practices ABA, the needs and ways to change or teach behavior that can ease the life of the children we work with. I like what I do, I learnt many things from the children: how to play and forget about the preconceptions, how to let go of barriers and feel free in any context. Children transmit so many things, sincerely and straight-forward. Beyond this, I find delight in the mountains and green, I like tennis and most of all, books. I love the ones close to me and my tomcat, Sylvester.

Văduva Luciana

For me the Centre is a second family. I learn new things every day, both from the children and from the people part of our team and I stand by the belief that once you are part of the family, you never want to leave.
I can’t see myself doing something else, I love children and I like to keep a special relationship with each one of them. They all have something that keeps me hooked, be it a special smile a glance, a hug or a hand holding. Their world is fascinating and I can’t get.

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The  A.A.C.A.R "Horia Motoi” Team

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Poza%20Mihaela%20Iancu%20 %20Trainer%20si%20coordonator%20BCaBA


 BCABA Coordinator and ABA Therapist Trainer 

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 ESDM Coordinator

aura frincu

 Flavia Adelina

 BCBA Coordonator

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 BCBA Coordonator

Poza%20Alexandra%20Rusu%20 %20Terapeut%20ABA

Andreea Mirsolea

ABA Consultant

Poza%20Diana%20Rusu%20 %20Terapeut%20ABA

Diana Rusu

ABA Consultant

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Ileana Toma


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Ioana  Stanciu


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 Klara Nica


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Lorena Tatu


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Ana Maria Lupașcu

ESDM Therapist

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Anastasia Postică

ESDM Therapist


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