“Our story begun when Antonia had 1 year and 7 months, and, after a control at the neurologist, I recieved the news that she has a delay in development, and that her mental age is that of 10 months. She was uttering 3 words, but she was not always using them meaningfully read more

“The word autism has hit uș when Simon had two years and a half. We knew from some time that Simon could not speak, he had weird behaviour, and as if he was always in another world, a beautiful world understood just by him” read more

”We worked together as long as our child needed ABA, the therapy that every parent fear in the beginning. The therapists here are true professions and I can confirm that everything they did influenced the child only positively! ABA therapy, applied by professionals, in controlled circumstances, does make miracles real, and this is what Horia Motoi Centre did for us: wonders…. more"  read more

"The first thing that I learnt about autism was that we had to do something now! Not tomorrow, not later, now. ” read more

"It's hard to resume in few words what meant for us the experience in this center but more than anything it meant restoring our hope and trust that everything can be changed."
 read more

”Our family’s experience has been amazing, in a relatively short time, therapy wise, we have obtained unexpected results that we wish to all neurotypical children, too, not just autistic. Do trust and be patient with the team in the center, they really don’t play around with promises and don’t waste your child’s time.” read more

” You give us hope and countless joys through your work and the love offered to the children. Every day I think how lucky we are to have found you.” Mother of Simon 

” When Stefan turned three, we started to realize that something was off. He resembled a little statue, joyful, with big eyes. In 2013 Stefan was diagnosed with autism and with little chances of ¬recovery¬. What Stefan is today owes a lot to himself, but I don’t think it would have been possible without the help of the team in the Centre” read more

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