The Yoli-Zoli Play

We had long time wished to find a way to show the world that autism doesn't necessarily mean limited. Most times, regarding autism, the most troubled area is considered to be social interaction. Therefore, we decided to work on something in this sensitive area and we chose a play for this purpose, all in.

The script was based on the story "Yoli-Zoli witch and the Jumbled-Up dust", written by Vali Grigore. The actors are children that were still following the ABA intervention at our Centre, at that time. The oldest was 8 and a half, and the youngest had just turned 4. Radu Nedescu was 11 at the time, and he played the storyteller. He was the initial motivation for Creating the Centre, so we thought this might suit him.

We started repetitions in October of 2009 and the show was presented on 10 June 2010. It was a gathering of forces in which every gesture, move or proposition had taken its time in order to give the children trust in their own forces. We have been well aware from the start that the type of incertitude a show of this sort represents would be a great challenge for them, and this incertitude meant not only the place itself but also the change of places for the show to take place.

Supporting us have been CAP Publicity Agency and Tandarica Theatre, as well as many beautiful and dedicated people.Yoli-Zoli Show was one more of a chance to acknowledge that every acquisition is a step forward to a future milestone. An inscription that joins one of the show’s illustrations says” Good deeds come back”.


Every deed matters!

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