Centrul Horia Motoi | Asociatia pentru ajutorarea copiilor cu autism din Romania

Horia Motoi Centre, a center of excellence in the recovery of children with autism spectrum disorder and in the application of ABA, accords a special importance to therapeutic interventions. The distinguished accent is on the attention we give to scientific research, functional analisys and continuous evaluation of behavioral changes.

We are the first center from Romania to apply therapy with children with autism and we continue to do it with dedication ever since 2004.    read-more

How can we help you
At Horia Motoi Centre we apply ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)
The initial evaluations for the children diagnosed or suspected of ASD are the most important in deciding the intervention plan.
Do not hesitate to ask for the help of the logopedic (speech therapist) if you suspect a deficiency in your child's language (parlance).
Developmental deflections of infants and small children are usually hard to recognize.