The Development of a Digital Management Platform and App for ABA Therapists

Program: Erasmus Plus
Action Type: KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training
Contract number: 2021-1-RO01-KA220-VET-000034611
Implementation period: 01.02.2022 – 31.01.2024

The Project’s aim

Autism is a spectrum disorder – meaning it has many forms that affect people in a variety of ways and in varying degrees. Each person’s experience with autism presents unique challenges, as well as strengths, which define the type of support needed to lead a fulfilling life.

The project aims to streamline the activity of ABA therapists by developing digital innovative tools and improving training and therapy methods. The development of the innovative digital tools will help the management process of ABA specialists. As a tangential result the implementation of the project will facilitate and speed the therapy process of autistic children. Contributing to innovation in vocational education and training and improving quality assurance in VET.

Project results will aim to satisfy the following needs

  • Improve activity management by using digital devices: activity management for ABA specialists, better communication with the parents/tutors of autistic children, increase quality of therapeutic process.

  • Continuous learning by participating in trainings and/or workshops.

  • Experience exchange by working alongside professionals from other environments

  • Better communication with the parents/tutors of autistic children and real time feedback – this will be done by developing a facility to the digital devices, that will allow parents to upload videos of the child during everyday activities and for the therapists to give feedback and advice to the parents.

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Activities carried out during the implementation of the project

  • WP1 Project management.

  • WP2 Establishing the needs for the management of ABA therapists’ activity and lifelong training. The aim of this activity is to list and prioritize the necessities of ABA therapists in their line of work and to transfer this information towards the implementation of training methods and digital tools.

  • WP3 Developing and/or improving new models of work for ABA therapists. The activity involves the development of training materials appropriate to the field and accessible to both the target group and other experts in the field.

  • WP4 Development of the Digital Management Platform and App. A very important component in the recovery of children with autism is the performance of therapists. The objective of this activity is the development of a Digital Management Platform and App that will help ABA therapist manage their daily activity.

  • C1 – 5-day training activity held in Spain. 16 participants from the target group will be selected and participate in a 1-week training session. The aim of this activity is to transfer knowledge to other trainers/facilitators and present, evaluate and receive feedback about the digital tools from the target group.

  • Multiplier events. Presentation events will be organized at local level by each partner. The participants will be: ABA coordinators, therapists and NGOs (representing the target group of this project).


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